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CORDUROY overall

119 EUR


Unisex  overall made of thick pattern corduroy.
You can customize the length by tying braces /straps.

color : bottle green

100% cotton

Total length with straps approx. 152 cm
Inseam 68 cm
Leg width 31 cm
Leg opening 24 cm

Total length with straps approx. 155 cm
Inseam 73 cm
Leg width 35 cm
Leg opening 27 cm

HALO, Bonjour, ハロー

Halo Labels is a fashion brand established in 2014 in Berlin . HALO Labels collections are limited and consist of single pieces developed from the basic forms of traditional cuts and unique textiles. HALO Labels link fashion and art, creating a sphere of individual expression in textile medium. It’s the clothing that creates HALO.

THING TO WEAR 着物 , collection is strongly inspired by japanese cuts of the garments like HANTEN vests or HAORI as well as handmade stitchin SASHIKO .

PARACHUTE, ハロー パラシュート, uses form of an octagon as a basic unit for the garment’s final cut.
Octagonal patterns are prevalent in nature due to their efficiency and  makes a good use of bodyspace and textiles.
Clothes are waterproof, produced of reworked umbrella textile.

“Swiftly the brain becomes an enchanted loom, where millions of flashing shuttles weave a dissolving pattern-always a meaningful pattern-though never an abiding one.”

― Charles Sherrington